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Welcome to our new
Multiple Disciplinary Optimization (MDO)
Multi-Objective Optimization (MOO)
Design Optimization Expert System
Software Paradigm

Our family of optimization products shares a common vision:

Keep it SIMPLE
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The Design Optimization Expert System (DOES) Paradigm

The Design Optimization Expert System (DOES) provides structure, integrity, security, visibility, auditability, and reusability to a diverse range of model-based design optimization activities within an enterprise.  It enhances the synergy between human and artificial intelligence.  It  facilitates the implementation of design total quality management (TQM) and "best practice" enforcement within design groups.  DOES is radically different from and better than all other optimization systems on the market today.

DOES is also very different from traditional diagnostic expert systems,  Its knowledge base contains design projects, and it has five, not two, user interfaces: knowledge engineering, application engineering, engineering manager, security manager, and information technology manager.  These user interfaces enable DOES to be scalable, supporting one user in a small organization or many users in a larger enterprise.  DOES also replaces the diagnostic expert system's "inference engine" with a new and unique creative, multiple disciplinary, "multi-objective optimization engine" which can optimize design models and solve other complex mathematical problems.

The DOES paradigm requirements:

  • The Designer is using model-based design.
  • A reasonably accurate parametric model exists for a baseline product or process that can be run from the command line (i.e. in 'batch')
  • There is enough computing power (and budget) to run the model a sufficient number of times to improve it.

The DOES paradigm will obsolete today's "craftsmen design" paradigm in a way that is similar to how the "quality process manufacturing" paradigm obsoleted its predecessor "craftsmen manufacturing".

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DOES Software Features

·    Global and multiple-objective optimization tasks are defined in intuitive application performance terms not by abstract mathematical expressions.

·     An OBJECTIVE can be a scalar (cell), vector or array.

·     It automatically generates aggregate objective functions.

·     Its solutions are starting point independent.

·     Its solutions are repeatable.

·     It combines robust full factorial design of experiments (DoE) with OPTIMUM’s patented optimization algorithms to create optimized solutions with a minimum number of model evaluations.

·     It can create from 1 to 20 optimized solutions in a single iteration.

·     It provides Sensitivity Analysis for every objective by every design space variable.

·     It's optimization algorithms are far superior to “genetic/evolutionary algorithms”. It provides fast and economical multi-objective optimizations.

·     Pareto Studies are done at the click of a button.

The DOES PARADIGM is a “game changer” for engineers, designers, scientists and analysts.


·     make any linear assumptions

·     use Meta Models

·     use approximate Response Surfaces

·     Extrapolate

·     Interpolate


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The DOES Optimization engine is very similar to our Global-OPT and Multi-Objective-OPT Excel Add-In Optimization products. 

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Global-OPT, Multi-Objective-OPT, and DOES have been developed by OPTIMUM Power Technology. For more information contact:
500 Miller's Run Road • P.O. Box 509 • Morgan, PA 15064 • Phone: 412-257-9070 • Fax: 412-257-9011 •
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