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FileAssignment Dialog

A FileAssignment associates a FileSpecification with a VariableSpecification in a Process file. When DOES runs a model, it assigns generated file names to each FileSpecification. Usually, a Process file needs to know the names of the Input and Output files it references. The FileAssignment allows DOES to adjust the generated Process file so it specifies the generated Input and Output file names. You need to generate a FileSpecification for the Process File and a VariableSpecification for each command parameter in the Process file that specifies an Input or Output file name. You then create a FileAssignment for each of these variables. The FileAssignment dialog is presented in response to the following actions:

FileAssignment Dialog Graphic

The FileAssignment dialog as lists that allow you to select the Process FileSpecification, the VariableSpecification that specifies a command parameter in the Process FileSpecification, and the Input or Output FileSpecification to assign to the VariableSpecification, as well as OK, Cancel, and Help buttons.


This is a list of all FileSpecifications defined in the ReferenceRun. Select the Process FileSpecification that has the command parameter that you wish to assign.


This is a list of all VariableSpecifications that are defined for the selected FileSpecification. Select the VariableSpecification that represents the command parameter you wish to assign.


This is a list of all FileSpecifications. Each is of the form FileName(filespecification_name). Select the FileSpecification that you wish to assign to the VariableSpecification that you selected above.

OK Button

Clicking OK will validate the information you entered. If valid, the FileAssignment dialog will be dismissed and the calling dialog or window will be updated with the information you entered. If invalid, you will be presented with an error dialog and the FileAssignment dialog will remain.

Cancel Button

Clicking Cancel will dismiss the FileAssignment dialog and the calling dialog or window will not be altered.

Help Button

Help will display this information.

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