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Prepare DOES ReferenceRun

In this example, DOES will vary the length and diameter of exhaust pipe section 4 in order to maximize BMEP.

Start Design.

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The first step in creating a DOES model is to create a ReferenceRun. The ReferenceRun is a definition of all the files, variables within each file, and processes that make up your model. Creation of a ReferenceRun is a Knowledge Engineer task and requires knowledge of the file layouts and processes that make up your model. Right-click on the ReferenceRun node and select Change from the menu. The ReferenceRun dialog is displayed.

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Right-click on the FileSpecifications node in the ReferenceRun dialog and select Add from the menu. The FileSpecification dialog is displayed.

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Click the "Browse" button and select YZ426In.xml from the Virtual Engines or Automated Design DATA folder as the location. The FileSpecification dialog will fill in the FileSpecification name, location and format for you. Right click on the VariableSpecifications node in the FileSpecification dialog and select Add from the menu. The Virtual Engines Variables dialog is displayed.

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The Virtual Engines Variables dialog displays a tree view of the Engine, TestProcedure and Results and is similar to the tree view that the Virtual Engines Design application or the Automated Design Knowledge Engineering Interface application. Expand the Engine, Pipes, EXP1, Sections and Section(4) nodes. Click the checkboxes on the EntranceDiameter and Length nodes. Expand the Results node and click the checkbox on the BMEP node. Your Virtual Engines Variables dialog should look like this:

Selected VE Variables Graphic

Click the OK button to return to the FileSpecification dialog which should look like this:

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Click the OK button to return to the ReferenceRun dialog which should look like this:

VE ReferenceRun Graphic

The Virtual Engines interface to DOES has filled in all the ReferenceRun specifications with a few mouse clicks! Note that, in addition to the FileSpecification, the Virtual Engines interface has filled in the Name and Process, created an ObjectiveVariableArray and created an IndependentVariableVector for you. The IndependentVariableVector RPM is required for the definition of the ObjectiveVariableArray. The ObjectiveVariableArray BMEP will be used as your Objective later. The Process defines how to run a simulation and will be used by the DesignEngine when you submit Iterations. Feel free to explore these nodes by double clicking them. When you are ready to continue, dismiss all ReferenceRun dialogs to return to the main Design Window.

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