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Create/Change User Dialog

The Create/Change User dialog is presented in response to the following actions:

Create User Dialog Graphic

The Create/Change User dialog has a User tab as well as OK, Cancel and Help buttons.

User Tab

The User tab has User and Groups panels.

User Panel

The User panel has a name combobox, a description textbox, a Roles listbox and a preference radio button group.


You may type the name of a User into the name combobox. If the User name does not currently exist, it will be added when you click the OK button. If the User name does exist, it will be updated when you click the OK button. If you click the dropdown button, a list of all defined Users is presented and you may select one to update.


You may type a description for the User. The description is optional.

Roles ListBox

The Roles listbox contains checkboxes for each possible Role.

Preference Radio Button Group

The Preference radio button group has a radio button for each possible Preference.

Groups Panel

Create User Groups Panel graphic

The Groups panel has a Groups list, an Add button and a Remove button.

Groups List

The Groups list contains the name of each Group that is included in the User.

Add Button

Clicking the Add button presents the Select Group dialog where you may add one or more Groups to the User.

Remove Button

The Remove button is enabled if a name in the Group list has been clicked. Clicking the Remove button removes the selected Group name from the Groups list and from the User.

OK Button

Clicking OK will dismiss the Create/Update User, and create/update the User.

Cancel Button

Clicking Cancel will dismiss the Create/Update User dialog without updating a User.

Help Button

Help will display this information.

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