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Prepare DOES DesignSpace

Now it is time to create the DesignSpace for this ExpertDesign. Creation of a DesignSpace is an Application Engineer task. The DesignSpace is where you define the variables to vary to achieve the Objectives that you defined in the Task. Right-click on the DesignSpace node and select Change from the menu to display the DesignSpace dialog.

Blank DesignSpace graphic

Type Vary Width Height and Length as the DesignSpace name. Click the Variables node and click the Add button to display the DesignSpaceVariable dialog.

Blank DesignSpaceVariable Dialog Graphic

Select Width as the ApplicationModel variable and type 4 as the Minimum value and 10 as the Maximum value.

ANSYS Block DesignSpaceVariable Dialog Graphic

Click OK to return to the DesignSpace dialog and repeat selecting Height as the ApplicationModel variable, 6 as the Minimum value and 10 as the Maximum value, then finally with Length as the ApplicationModel variable, 30 as the Minimum value and 70 as the Maximum value. The DesignSpace dialog will look like this:

ANSYS Block DesignSpace Graphic

Click OK to close the DesignSpace dialog.

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